Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Most Possible Seudos

As this year comes to a close, here is a great little factoid I heard from the Rav's Friday night דרשה:
    This year, being a leap year, and since no יום טוב ever fell out on שבת we have a unique situation where we have the maximum number of סעודות you could possibly have in one year:
54 שבתות x 3 סעודות=162 סעודות
12 ימים טובים x 2 סעודות=24 סעודות
=186 סעודות
This hasn't happened since 1984!


  1. Don't you have to subtract three meals for Shabbat Yom Hakippurim?

  2. I think he already did, because there were actually 55 Shabbatot in the year. A sheleima leap year has 385 days = 55 weeks.

  3. So now I think the logic is incorrect, because there are some leap years in which you will have 55 Shabbatot with 3 meals each, and even if one of them overlaps with a yom tov, you'll still have more meals. Give me a few minutes to think through the possibilities.

  4. Shtikler was correct. Every other year-type with 55 Shabbatot has at least two of them on yom tov, thus removing 4 meals from the count, rather than the 3 meals omitted on Yom Kippur. Sorry for doubting you!