Thursday, March 14, 2024

Happy π Day

We wish you all a happy Pi Day, today being March 14th which, in the US anyway, is expressed as 3-14. Pi day was first observed in the year 1593. Ok, I'm just making that up (and rounding.) Just to give this some semblance of a Torah flavour, here is our post on Pi in the Torah 

In European countries where the day is written before the month, Pi Day is observed on April 31. For information on that, you would have needed to contact me this past Sunday morning at 2:30 am.
והמבין יבין.

Here are 10 ways to celebrate Pi Day, including this young chap who memorized 2,552 digits (eat your heart out, Brodsky.)


  1. You could've discussed Corner Boards of the Tabernacle, and the expression למקצעת...

  2. Very entertaining! Glad to see the clock-change reference here as well. At least now I know that you weren't in Saskatchewan or Arizona this weekend.

    Also, Einstein's birthday was on Pi Day.

    But actually I prefer to celebrate the Jewish Pi Day, about a week after Shavuos.

  3. Pi,

    Wouldn't the Jewish Pi Day be the 0th of Sivan (see Eruvin 14a)?


  4. Yidden can celebrate Pi Day once in 7½ years, on the day that the Daf Yomi talks about Pi.
    It's in Eiruvin (3rd masechta), daf 14